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Tribute To a Giant & Father of My Nation

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Today started with a very sad news that the founding father of my country has left and therefore I decided to write this post on my blog to pay a tribute to a selfless man who had given so much to us and taken so little from us.

For those of you who are Singaporean, I bet you must be feeling very sad at this moment as we felt a great sense of loss. I actually weeped when I heard the news today and it shows how important this man is in my heart.

50 years ago, he weeped for the nation
Today, the nation weeped for him

In fact, the comfort that I am enjoying today is the hard work of this great man and the incredible vision he had for the nation. He had transformed Singapore from a Third World economy to a First World Nation which was something not every person can achieved.

Below is a picture I had taken from the official facebook page for Remembering Lee Kuan Yew.



3 Responses to “Tribute To a Giant & Father of My Nation”
  1. Keith says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Our heart felt commiserations to you and your family and to the whole of Singapore. Such great men come along so seldom that the whole world should recognize them. We know, for we had one such man, Nelson Mandela.


  2. MadaForex says:

    Wish you the best for your nation.
    Regards (from Madagascar)

  3. Alfred says:

    Dear Kelvin

    I am very sorry to hear the lost of your country. A great man that has transform your country to what you have now. Through history, we were one roof before the late father of Singapore decided to pull from the federation. I admired him too, a man that have a great vision. Pulling from the federation was the best choice that he has made. He has given the people of Singapore the best that he could possibly do. May his soul rest in peace.



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