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The Importance of Being Patient & Realistic In Trading

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In this post, I am going to share you something that I find is very important for a trader to have.

Since the launch of my forex trade copier service, there is one thing that I have been observing. Whenever I have 2 consecutive losses in my trading, I will start to receive email from a few users asking me what happen and whether I am a scammer.

Then after a few consecutive winning trades that makes back the losses plus make some profits for them, they stopped emailing me again and quietly continue to use the service.

However I must thank majority of my users who have been with me for a long time and have never email me asking me why I had 2 consecutive losing trades. It is very normal for a trader to have consecutive losing trades but it is even more important for a trader to continue to have faith in his strategy even when he had a few consecutive losing trades.

The problem with most new traders is that they believe those forex ads by marketers that claimed to win 500 consecutive trades without a single loss. Trust me, I have been trading since 2009 and I have friends who are full time traders like me. There is no strategy that win 10 trades in a row within a loss.

There bound to be losses in trading forex and if you can’t take the pressure of losing money, then forex trading is not meant for you.

The reason why I am not worry when I have consecutive losing trades is because I know the reliability of my strategies plus I know that the risk reward ratio alone can easily help me recoup back those losses.

Therefore the main purpose of this post is to tell everyone of you who wants to become a profitable trader to believe in the strategy you are using and do not panic after one or two consecutive losses.

Below is a video I have recorded to show you guys the live trade that I have taken on 17th March 2016 for the users of my trade copier service.

At the end of the video, I will show you the power of risk reward ratio that allows me to overcome the consecutive losses and turn the account into profitable zone.

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