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So What You Think About My Forex Blog?

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In today post, I am not answering any question but am going to share an email that I have received on the 22nd November 2013.

Below are the content:

Dear Master Lee,

I swear, you are to profitable forex education what Bruce Lee was to martial arts!

Even if I never received another blog, tutorial, book or update from you, my time and money spent, so far, in purchasing, studying and practicing your material has already been worth it!

Even if I were never to have made money from FX trading, you have saved me money in many ways. Two such ways are as follows:

(1) Time: I no longer have to be scouring the web for quality material or wasting valuable time sifting through the plethora of forex educational offerings in order to find something that merges affordability and quality.

(2) Money: I now have an exposure and experience to what profitable bench marked forex knowledge is; and therefore, am better able to tell what to spend future money on.

I wonder if Kelvin Lee is even your real name. The names Kelvin and Lee have been associated with great people in history. Well, as it stands, “I swear, Kelvin Lee is to forex education what Bruce Lee was to Martial arts!”

Thank you,


Upon receiving this email, it really makes me very relieved and satisfied with what I have been doing for these 4 years. Frankly speaking, it is not an easy task to maintain a blog with such high readership.

Besides trading, I have to answer numerous emails from students of my course as well as readers of my blog, writing new trading posts to share with you guys twice a week, recording new video tutorials to teach you new stuffs so that you can improve in your trading.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with those of you who are here in my blog how to trade with more accuracy hoping that you can make some money trading one day.

I totally understand the feeling of a new trader as I am once a new trader too. I have problem finding a good website that teaches me how to trade as most of the websites that I have visited contains simple and duplicated contents that can be found easily anywhere.

Since I am able to make consistent profits from trading, I decided to setup this forex blog to share with I know with traders who are still struggling in their trading.

In fact, for those of you who did not purchase any course from me, I still hope that you pick up some useful trading techniques from my posts and videos. That is why I make it a point to write 2 posts per week on this blog as well as 1 video tutorial every month to share with my newsletter subscribers which is approaching 10K soon.

Do note that trading forex is a lifetime skill and you will never have to worry about your income for the rest of your life if you manage to learn good strategies that can make you profits consistently.

Most importantly, you must have the patient to practice what you have learned from me on a demo account until you are able to execute the strategy perfectly. The main problem with most new traders is they think that they can start making money from trading once they finish a course.

In fact, the key to their failure is not the strategy but their inability to execute it perfectly. You will realize that it is worth every seconds of your time when you finally make your real profits in trading.

Lastly I will like to answer one doubt in the email which is my real name. My name is real Kelvin Lee and I do not need to have any fake name as I believe that I am doing something with my integrity unlike those marketers who are pretending to be forex traders trying to sell useless courses online.

I will like to thank all of you for your kind words and support for this website. If you like this website and this post, please give me a facebook like or G+1.

I shall talk to you again in my next post.


2 Responses to “So What You Think About My Forex Blog?”
  1. raj says:

    Hi Kelvin (or should i say Master Lee!)

    But seriously, i support the above readers comments (i.e. Bruce Lee reader) about the quality of your materials. Of all the web sites i have visited, and i have searched and read many, none come close to your teachings.

    Thanking you

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