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Price Projection For Head and Shoulder Pattern

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This is one question by one of our fellow traders

Hello guys. On the daily of gbp/usd,there is a clear head and shoulder formation. It broke through the neckline and looks bearish for now. What puzzles me is how do you forecast the downwards price from the difference of the high between the top candle and neckline.

Which top candle do you take for your calculation and do you take the high of that candle or the pivot point?

I bet this question comes from one of my forex trading signal talking about the head and shoulder formation. In fact, I have written a blog post on May talking about the head and shoulder formation. In the post, you can see which candle I take as the high candle and how I do the price projection.

Read the head and shoulder pattern post here

Do note that the head and shoulder candlestick pattern is a reversal candlestick pattern and you should only enter your trade when the price manages to successfully break the neckline.

A top head and shoulder pattern looks like alphabet M while the bottom head and shoulder looks like alphabet W. They are very useful when you see them in a strong trend as this usually mark the exhaustion of a trend.

In order to further explain how to do the price projection, I will record a video to show you guys how I do the price projection. Do note that there are times where the price will exceed your price projection. What I usually do is to use the price projection as the first target where I exit half my position and then shift the other half of my position to breakeven.

For more information about the price projection, do watch the video below.

I hope that I have helped to solve your question and all the best to your trading.

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