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Overall Profit and Loss Report For Break The Bands Strategy For Oct 2014

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It is the beginning of November 2014 and it is time for me to update you guys on the performance for my Break The Bands Strategy which is one module inside my signature Forex Street University Course.

Information about Break The Bands Strategy

The Break The Bands strategy is formulated by me for my own trading and you will not be able to learn it elsewhere. Do note that personally I used this strategy only on the 15 minutes chart but feedback from students tell me that it works pretty well on other time frames as well.

Do note that this strategy does not have 100% winning percentage. In fact, all my strategies do not have 100% winning percentage as there are no such strategy on earth. If you want to become a profitable trader like me, you will first have to realize the fact that there is no way you can win 100% of the time.

What we traders look for is a strategy with at least 70% winning percentage and risk reward ratio of 1:2. With such a specification, you will find that you will be profitable every single month in trading like me.

Some readers thought that break the bands strategy is just as simple as waiting for the price to break the bands and they are absolutely wrong. There is a process where you need to use to verify if the trade is valid or not. This is to prevent you from getting into more losing trades and this is a techniques that I have derived over the years to allow me a lot more winning trades than losing trades in this strategy.

As for the entry, there is also a technique for it so that you can identify the best entry point so that you can grab more profits.

Before I go into the details of each trade that were taken this month, I will like to share with you 2 email that I had received from my students.



For the second email, my student decided to trade the break the bands strategy on the 4 hourly chart as she does not have much time to monitor the computer everday. She made 220 pips profits for that one trade and I am very happy for her.

Below are the details of each trade:


  • 8th Oct 2014 : Breakeven


  • 28th Oct 2014 : Breakeven



  • 10th Oct 2014 : +50 pips


  • 23rd Oct 2014 : +50 pips



  • 3rd Oct 2014 : +50 pips


  • 16th Oct 2014 : +50 pips


  • 22nd Oct 2014 : +50 pips



  • 2nd Oct 2014 : +50 pips


  • 10th Oct 2014 : +50 pips


  • 29th Oct 2014 : -25 pips


  • 30th Oct 2014 : +50 pips


As a whole, there are 11 trades taken and out of them, there are 8 winning trades and 1 losing trade and 2 breakeven trade.

Profit & Loss Report:

Profits So Far = 8 x 50 pips = +400 pips

Losses So Far = 1 x 25 pips = –25 pips

So far, I have made 375 pips profit with this strategy alone and if you calculate based on trading 1 standard lot per trade, you will be making $3,750 from this strategy so far.

This is simply the profit from one strategy alone and you can imagine the overall performance of all my strategies as a whole. I often receive emails from readers of this blog telling me that they are not sure if my Forex Street University course is suitable for them and my answer to them is always the same. The Forex Street University is going to be the last course you ever need to make money from the forex market. All the strategies in this course are the exact one that I am using to trade everyday. If I can make consistent income every month with those strategies, I dun see why you can’t.

However you must put in effort to practice each and every strategy that I have taught you in the course until you are able to execute them perfectly before you start to trade with real money. Even if you just use the Break the Bands Strategy alone, you will still get the same results as above and this strategy has never made a single losing month for me. In fact, I have been updating this strategy performance since 2012 and it has never get a single losing month before.

All the techniques and setup in my course are time tested and proven to work for me for years and that is why I am teaching it to you. As for the rest of the strategies, the combined profits is much more than above and I hope that all my Forex Street University students are making a good profits from this course.

For those of you who are my forex street university course students, I will advice you to focus on break the bands strategy first as it is a very reliable and easy to execute strategy. Start making money with it and then move on to practice the other strategies.


I understand that a lot of you have been very cautious when looking for a forex course as there are a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers trying to make money from those of you who are interested in trading. These people are not real traders and this explains why those strategies that they teach do not work. In fact, I have purchased several low quality courses when I am new to trading and therefore I understand your concern.

You can take a look at my course but do not rush into buying it, have a feel of the way I teach in those articles and videos in this blog before you decide if this course is for you. There is no point in getting a course where you do not like the teaching style. 

For those of  you who are not in any forex course and are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

If you will like to learn how to trade from me, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

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10 Responses to “Overall Profit and Loss Report For Break The Bands Strategy For Oct 2014”
  1. Mayer says:

    Hi Kelvin. Are your strategies 100% manual? If so, how are the notifications of a trade set up delivered? Email, text, audible tone in mt4?

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Mayer

      All my trades are manual trades. There is no notification but there is a way to check if the trade is a valid one before I take it and this is taught in the course.

  2. Norman says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I have been following your blog for six months and I must say that your blog is simplest the best forex blog online.

    I am planning to get your forex street university course but I will like to know if this course is suitable for newbies like me?

  3. Jane says:

    I am a student of your Forex Street University course and I am glad that I have taken the action to join your course. Like what you said before, this is going to be my last forex course and true enough, I am making good progress on my demo account for the third months and I will be starting to trade soon next 2 months.

    Thks for all your help.

  4. Derek says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Just wanna check with you which time frame you use to trade the break the bands strategy?

    I am considering getting your course as your blog are filled with high quality materials and I am confident that your course will be even better.

  5. Jane says:

    Kudos to you, I am now in my third consecutive months of profitable trading. Finally, I have achieve my dream of making money from trading.

    Soon I will be able to quit my day job if this goes on.

    Thks and glad to found you as my mentor.

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Jane

      I am very happy to hear that you are in your third consecutive months of profitable trading and this alone made all my effort into creating the course worthwhile.

      Please do not quit your day job as yet. You will have to wait till the profits exceed your current pay before you quit your job.

  6. Wilson says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I have purchased your forex street university course last month and I must say that it is the best course I have ever bought so far online. I have spent several thousands dollars on courses but none of them came close to what you have taught in the course.

    Now I have the confidence that I will be able to make it this time.

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Wilson

      Glad to hear from you here. What I have taught you in the course are exactly what I am using to trade and if it works for me, it will definitely works for you.

      So you will definitely make it this time.

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