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Miscellaneous Forex FAQs Answered

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When I read my emails today, I have received emails from some of our fellow traders saying that I did not answer their FAQ question and answer. I will like to take this opportunity to apologize for my rate of answering them.

However I will make sure that I answer all of them one by one in my post. If your question does not answer in this post, it will definitely be answered on the subsequent post.

I will like to thank all of you for asking your questions as it is a valuable resources for other traders who maybe having the same question as you.

In today post, I will answer several question at one go as these are question that have in fact been answered in one of my posts previously.

Below are the questions

Question 1: I want you explain ADX and how it can be used in forex trading. I have read somewhere, that if ADX reaches 40 and bends, it means the end of the trend. Is it true?

For the above question, you can take a look at the forex adx indicator explained post that I have posted some times back.

Question 2: How can i read the Macd indicator?

For the above question, you can get the answer on one of my post on Forex MACD Indicator Explained

Question 3: How to know the right time to make a buy or sell entry?

Knowing when to enter and exit your position is very important. You can make use of some indicators to help you in your entry and exit.

To find out more about these indicators, you can take a look at my reliable buy and sell indicators post.

Besides using the indicators, you can also use the major support and resistance levels to help you in your entry and exit.

You can take a look at this support and resistance post that I have written some times back to learn more.

I hope that I have answered your question and if you have any doubt, do feel free to let me know through the comment below.

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