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Make Money With My Forex Strategy

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In the forex faq today, I shall be discussing a question about my Break The Bands Strategy from one of our fellow readers.

Below is the question

Can you elaborate what is the difference between the Effective Guide To Forex Trading and the Break The Bands Strategy Video Course.

Which one will you recommend me to get?

Some of you may be thinking why should you get the Break The Bands Strategy Video Course when you can just buy the Effective Guide To Forex Trading for just $2.99?

So I will like to take this opportunity to explain this question with you.

When you get the Effective Guide To Forex Trading, you will be taught the Break The Bands Strategy. You will be taught the setup for this strategy but there are still a lot of other conditions that you have to take note when using this strategy.

The guide book only share with you 2 conditions that you will have to take note then trading this strategy but there are other conditions that cannot be put in word and have to be explained to you via videos.

The Break The Bands Strategy comes with video tutorial and most importantly trading examples where I will show you how I execute each trade and what are the conditions you have to look out for. With these condition, you will be able to make profit with the Break The Bands Strategy every month without fail.

The whole aim of the guide is to expose you to the strategy. No doubt you will still be profitable if you are able to execute the strategy based on the setup taught in the book.

However if you want to hit the winning percentage and profits that I am making every month, you will need to find out all the different conditions you need to take note when executing the strategy and and that is why I created the video course.

Using the setup taught in the book alone, you will be not be able to make 300 pips like what I have done on December 2012. You will at most make 120 pips or so.

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I hope that I have answered your question and I hope that you will use the Break The Bands strategy to make you a profitable trader for the year 2013.

For those of you who has yet to learn the strategy, you can do so below.

Click Here For The Video Course

Click Here For The Guide Book

For those of you who has learned the strategy either through my video course or book, I hope that you have already made some profit this month.

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