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Live Forex Trade Copier Trade Taken on 2nd November 2016 For My Trade Copier User

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This is the first trade of the month for my BTB strategy and I have recorded a video of this live trade to show you the effectiveness of it.

Do note that this trade is being copied over to all user of my trade copier service and this trade alone has grown your account by 8%.

For most students, you should have made back the fee you have paid for my Fx Street Uni course.

The reason of creating this service is to help my student recoup back their previous losses and grow their account while they learn how to trade from me. In addition, I just want to show my student that my strategies really works and they should make sure that they put in effort to learn and practice what I teach them.

I have received emails from readers telling me how much money they have lost as they are either trading without a strategy on hand or simply trade with those strategies that they have learned on youtube.

Trust me, those strategies that you have seen on youtube are all general strategies that have not been fine tune yet and therefore will not be able to make you any profits. Worst of all, a portion of the videos are created by marketers who know nothing about forex trading and have never trade forex before.

Therefore you must definitely put in effort to learn a proper strategy and most importantly, you must always start by trading on a demo to test the effectiveness of the strategy.

Even for student of my Fx Street Uni course, I will tell them to trade on a demo until they are able to make 2 consecutive months of profits before they move to live trading.

I have also received emails from readers asking me about the performance report of my BTB strategy for the month of Oct 2016. I just want to tell you that it is almost ready and I will published them very soon.

Below is the video of my live trade. For the first video, please pardon me for the background noise as there is a mosquito fogging going on when I am recording the video.

For those of you who are trading without a proper strategy, it is time to stop it and move to demo trading instead. Do not waste your hard earn money by trading without a proper strategy as you will never be able to make money at all.


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