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Let Me Trade Your Account For You FAQ

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In today forex faq, we have several questions regarding the forex trade copier service that I am offering to readers of this blog here.

First of all, I must congratulate those of you who has made the decision to take up this service and I have already received email from students telling me how excited they are after seeing their first few profitable trades.

Below are the questions:

Q1: What is the recommended account size for this service

I will suggest you to have an account size of $2,000 for this service. This is to ensure that your account can grow to a decent amount when you are ready to trade on your own after considering the $197 per month for this service.

Q2: Can I control the lot size per trade for this service

Yes, you have absolute control over the money management of your account. I understand the concern of most of you as you are worry that the difference in your account size and mine might cause you to enter a large lot size per trade.

This is not the case, the difference in our account size does not affect the lot size per trade for this service. If I risk 5% on a trade, your account will only enter the lot size based on 5% risk of your account.

For example, I had $10,000 in my account while you had $2,000 in your account. If I risk 5% which is $500 per trade, you will risk 5% as well which is only $100 per trade.

Q3: What is the minimum profits per month for this service

I can’t tell you for sure how many pips profits you can make from this service as trading is unpredictable at times. So far, there are months where I make 20% growth to my account and there are also months where I make 70% growth to my account.

That is why I recommend an account size of $2,000 for this service so that even for months where I make 20%, you are still making money from this service after considering $197 fee.

Q4: How many trades do I expect to see per month for this service

Do note that this service will not trade all the 8 strategies in the Forex Street University course. I will only use 2 strategies out of the 8 for this service. In fact, I have set up an account specially for this service.

However, you can still expect 2 to 3 trades per week for this service. The amount of trades per month does not matter as the key lies in the number of profitable trade per month. All the trades that were taken are high probability trades with good risk reward ratio to ensure that your account grows over the months.

I hope that I have clear some of your doubts here in this post and if you have any other questions, do feel free to give your comments below as it will be very valuable.

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