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Happy 2011 New Year To You

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This is the first post of 2011 and I will like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year and a wonderful and fruitful year ahead.

2010 is an amazing year for me as I have got to know a lot of you from this website. I have received emails and questions from you guys which is a great motivation for me.

I have also happy that I have created another website that shares my personal forex trade signals with all of you out there. In fact, I have thought about recording my analysis but simply can’t find the time to do it.

As the end of 2010 came closer, I started to tell myself that I need to get it done and finally the site is up in December.

I am very happy to receive emails from some of you who have made money from my analysis or help you to avoid big losses.

Below are a few of those emails that inspired me

  • Kelvin, Thanks – yes I did pick up +++ pips from your advice.
  • Thank you for sending me the signal. Only you suggested to sell below 1.3333 while many others including my broker suggested to buy from 1.3300 – 1.3350. I did not follow you and it hit my SL. I should follow you.
  • From 400 euro I lost a lot and I had Monday 28 euro, it was very hard, but with trading yesterday I had 102 euro, and with this advice now I have 162 euro on my platform.

Next I will like to take this chance to thank all of you who have purchased my forex trend line strategy e-book and it was great to receive emails from them telling me that they like the book and have benefited from it.

For those of you who live in countries where pay pal do not accept your payment, I promise you that I will setup a plimus account and then send you an email once it is ready. I am really sorry for the delay.

The forex faq session is fantastic as I have continuous flow of questions but I have to apologise to those of you who have submitted your question but have yet to be replied. I will try my best to answer all of your questions as fast as I could.

Last but not least, I will like to express my sincere greeting to all of you and wish you all the best in your trading in this new year and I hope that I can receive more emails from you guys telling me how successful you are as this can be a motivation to those who are still struggling.


6 Responses to “Happy 2011 New Year To You”
  1. John O says:

    Thanks for your knowledge-sharing works. Happy new year to you. My worry is why brokers do not execute trades: sometimes, when your stop loss or take profit is hit they will be ignored, why? cheers.

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi John

      I think it depends on the broker you are using or it depends on the time you are entering the trade. If you are trading the news, you are more likely to encounter such a problem as this is the time where the movement is too big and your broker will have problem executing your order. If it is just normal trading, I have never experience such a problem.

  2. Chris says:

    Happy New Year Kelvin. Thank you for all the advice. I have been trading forex for 1.5 year. When I started I could not find any way to be profitable. I started reading your post and took all my oscillators and indicator and threw them out. I started using Pivots and trend lines ….. The hard way ….. But I have done so much better….. I found out though trial and error and reading that the money that moves the markets does not care about macd crossovers, cci’s, ADX, or RSI’s they are not even trading for the same targets, reasons and profits that I am….. A new way of thinking….A new way of trading …..Thank you for everything

  3. Dr Julius Ssemakula says:

    Happy new year too Kelvin
    will you ACCEPT a cup of tea or a bottle wine from my profits this year because you have taught me alot and i have improved because of your

  4. sani says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Kelvin . thanks for u free tutorial and forex analysis

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