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Forex Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis

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In today forex faq, I will be sharing with you my personal opinion on the following issue.

Below is the question from our fellow trader

What is the best trading system? I mean to ask do I focus my trading on fundamental or technical trading pattern?

There is no right or wrong answers for the above question as it all depends on the individual opinion. If you ask this question to a fundamental trader, he will definitely say fundamental is more important. However I myself is a technical trader which means that I trade purely with charts. Naturally I will be more inclined to the technical part of trading.

Maybe let me share with you why I think technical analysis is more important for me.

If you are trading the news, it is very hard to know whether you should buy or sell. This is because different people interpret the news differently. You may think that you should buy when you see the news release but there are more people who think that they should sell and therefore the price falls.

To me, this is very hard to digest and the movement is purely by human sentiment. As for the technical analysis, everything is more systematic. I  understand that there is no way you can read the market with 100% accuracy but at least with the help of indicators or price action, you will be able to have an edge over the market.

Below is another question from another fellow trader

I wish that you could send us the trading signals with buy sell and limit for stop loss.

If you have been receiving forex trading signals from my website, you will know that I sometimes give you information on when to enter your trade. As for the stop loss and profit level, I did not offer you this information.

This is because the stop loss and profit level depends on your personal appetite for risk. What I think is a good stop loss may be too small for other people. Therefore I seldom tell you when to get out.

I hope that I have answered the 2 questions from our fellow traders and do feel free to give your comment below.

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2 Responses to “Forex Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis”
  1. Amit says:

    personally i think one should use a mix of both.. i usually stress more on technical analysis (more because i am a programmer), but i do keep tap on atleast financial calender. you never know when a seemingly appropriate chart behavior from technical view point gets surprise diversions due to some news event that affect one or both of the currency pair

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