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Custom Forex Indicators Experiment Case Study

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In fact, I have received emails from readers of this blog asking me to recommend them custom forex indicators that can help them in their trading. If you are a subscriber of my free newsletter, you will know that I have a section where I send email to you asking for any good recommendation for courses you have went through before as well as indicators you have used.

Thks to the good response, I have in fact collected numerous recommendation of courses and custom forex indicators by our subscribers. However in order to be able to help you further screen out the good course from the bad course, I have bought some of the courses and went through it myself and then write a review for it.

As for the indicator, I have decided to purchase them and then try them out on my demo account (So it won’t hurt my live account) first and then fine tune them until it is able to perform before recommending them to you. Of course, those indicators that do not perform will not be reviewed here in this section.

Don’t worry, this custom indicator is not a robot as it will not automatically trade for you. You should know that I do not like the idea of using automated trading robot as I find them to be the work of marketers and not traders.

All the forex indicators talk about here in this section are just indicators that will alert you whenever there is a good setup and trading opportunity. You will need to verify if it is indeed worth trading before getting into the trade.

This will give you more control over your own money as you are the one making the trading decision. With the help of the custom forex indicator, you can now identify good trading setup with ease. Most of these indicators are already program with a trading strategy to use.

I will post the result of the experiment with these indicators to share with you guys the reliability. Hope that you will like this new section of the blog.


3 Responses to “Custom Forex Indicators Experiment Case Study”
  1. Tarek says:

    Sounds very good idea.
    I wish to thank you very much for this help.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Look forward to receiving the outcome of your Case Study. thanks.

  3. imi says:

    Referring to your valuable information and suggestion, i should say it’s the best
    way to help traders.
    Wish You Best

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