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BTB Strategy Performance Report For 1st to 15th Nov 2015

It is time for me to update you guys the performance of my BTB strategy for this month so far. Do note that the BTB strategy is one module within my Forex Street University course.

I have been publishing this report since December 2012 and next month, it will be the third consecutive year of publishing this report.

There are 3 main purposes of publishing this report.

1) To allow my students to check if they have managed to take all the trade in their own trading

2) To allow them to verify that the trades on the report are real as the course comes with a 130% refund policy for anyone who found a fake trade shown.

3) To encourage new traders who are still struggling in their trading that it is really possible to make money from trading as long as they have a good strategy.

In total, there are 7 trades taken using the BTB strategy and out of them, there are 3 break even trades and 4 winning trades.

Although there are no losing trade so far for this strategy this month, I just want to tell you guys that this strategy do not win 100% of the time. It does also produce losing trades at time.

The key to profits with this strategy is the high winning percentage plus good risk reward ratio. You can see that this strategy has a risk reward of 1:2 from the details below.

In addition, I have the habit of shifting my stop loss to break even when the price has moved 25 pips in my favor for this strategy to protect my account.

That is why you sometimes see break even trades in the report.

So let us go through the details of the trades taken


  • 5th Nov 2015 : Break even

Luckily for this strategy , I always shift the stop loss to break even when the price has moved 25 pips in my favor. If not, the price will have hit my initial 25 pips stop loss.



  • 2nd Nov 2015 : Break even

Similar to the previous trade, the price will have hit my 25 pips stop loss if I had not shift my stop loss to breakeven. That shows how important it is to protect your trading account.


  • 3rd Nov 2015 : +50 pips


  • 5th Nov 2015 : +50 pips


  • 6th Nov 2015 : +50 pips



  • 5th Nov 2015 : Break even



  • 5th Nov 2015 : +50 pips


Profit & Loss

  • Profits = 4 x 50 = 200 pips
  • Loss = 0 pips

Total profits so far = 200 pips

The BTB strategy made a profit of 200 pips (equivalent to $2,000 based on trading 1 standard lot per trade).

As for the other strategies that are taught in my forex street university course, I made a total of 275 pips with those other strategies.

In total, I made 475 pips in total for the month of November 2015 so far.

For those of you who are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course where you will learn the exact strategies that I am using to trade everyday.

To take the risk off all my students, I am offering a 130% refund policy for the course. If you find a single fake winning trade that I have posted, I will refund you 130% of the course fee.

What I am teaching you is exactly what I am using to trade. It is going to be your last forex course ever.

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I understand that a lot of you have been very cautious when looking for a forex course as there are a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers trying to make money from those of you who are interested in trading. These people are not real traders and this explains why those strategies that they teach do not work. In fact, I have purchased several low quality courses when I am new to trading and therefore I understand your concern.

You can take a look at my course but do not rush into buying it, have a feel of the way I teach in those articles and videos in this blog before you decide if this course is for you. There is no point in getting a course where you do not like the teaching style. 

For those of  you who are not in any forex course and are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

If you will like to learn how to trade from me, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

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8 Responses to “BTB Strategy Performance Report For 1st to 15th Nov 2015”
  1. Alan says:

    Thks Kelvin, I miss 1 breakeven and 1 winning trade due to work.

    However I still manage to clock in 150 pips profits. Great strategy.

    • Lee Kelvin says:

      Hi Alan

      Great job. It is okay to miss one or two trades as you guys have a day job on hand.

      Just remember to stick to the plan whenever you are trading and you will have no problem making profits every month.

  2. Charlie Gould says:

    Hello Kelvin,

    I have been watching you and your reports for months.
    I have watched many of your free lessons on You Tube and looking at many many other stratigies online and you are right, mostly scams.

    I have been trading a demo account for months and still do not break even yet so I know I need your course.

    My question is this “Can I space the payments of $148.50 over 30 days instead of 14 days?”.
    I do not have enough extra money to do the payments 14 days apart but I really dont have enough extra to pay the $397 regular price.

    This is not a sob story, just the truth, if you say no you wont hurt my feelings. I will just keep saving until I get enough money to buy your course.

    You do not have to send any of the modules until I have paid for the whole thing if that helps.

    Really appreciate how open and honest you are, thanks Kelvin.

  3. Jayce says:

    Thks Kelvin, I got all the 7 trades as well. This is a great start for the month. Thks for sharing this strategy with us.

    I just want to let you know that your course is very useful and what you teach in the course are unique and special. I am glad to have taken the chance to purchase it.

    • Lee Kelvin says:

      Hi Jayce

      Glad to hear from you again.

      Like what I told you in the email, it is going to be the last forex course you need.

      Keep practicing and you will see more profits.

  4. Bay says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I got all the 7 trades exactly. You are a great mentor and I am very grateful to you.

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