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BTB Performance Report Update From 1st to 15th Dec 2015

It is time for me to update the performance report of my BTB strategy since it is mid of the month of December now.

There are not much trading opportunity for this strategy so far for this month as the market are still moving sideways and can’t decide on the trend.

For those of you who are new to my blog, do note that the BTB strategy is one of the module within my Forex Street University Course.

If you are interested to find out more about the course, you can enter your email at the bar above to get access to my 1 Hour Preview to the course.

Information about BTB Strategy

The BTB strategy is formulated by me for my own trading and you will not be able to learn it elsewhere. Do note that personally I used this strategy only on the 15 minutes chart but feedback from students tell me that it works pretty well on other time frames as well.

Do note that this strategy does not have 100% winning percentage. In fact, all my strategies do not have 100% winning percentage as there are no such strategy on earth. If you want to become a profitable trader like me, you will first have to realize the fact that there is no way you can win 100% of the time.

What we traders look for is a strategy with at least 70% winning percentage and risk reward ratio of 1:2. With such a specification, you will find that you will be profitable every single month in trading like me.

Some readers thought that break the bands strategy is just as simple as waiting for the price to break the bands and they are absolutely wrong. There is a process where you need to use to verify if the trade is valid or not. This is to prevent you from getting into more losing trades and this is a techniques that I have derived over the years to allow me a lot more winning trades than losing trades in this strategy.

Do note that I have the habit of shifting my stop loss to breakeven when the price has moved certain pips in my favor and I also teach this techniques in my course to  help my student protect their hard earned money.

That is why you will see breakeven trades in my performance report. Sometimes, there will be trades which trigger the breakeven stop loss and then moved in our favor, but this is something we have to accept as a trader. The difference between pro trader and new trader is the protection of account.

Pro trader cares about their account more than profits as there are always another trade available as long as we have money in our account. New trader only cares about the profits and nothing else.

Below is the details of each trade


No Trade


  • 8th Dec 2015 : +50 pips


  • 16th Dec 2015 : +50 pips



  • 6th Dec 2015 : -25 pips



  • 2nd Dec 2015 : +50 pips


  • 7th Dec 2015 : -25 pips


As a whole, there are only 5 trades taken with the BTB strategy so far and out of the 5, there are 3 winning trades and 2 losing trades.

Profit & Loss

  • Profits = 3 x 50 pips = 150 pips
  • Loss = 2 x 25 pips = 50 pips

Total Profits = 100 pips

The BTB strategy made a profit of 100 pips (equivalent to $1,000 based on trading 1 standard lot per trade).

As for the other strategies that are taught in my Forex street university course, I made a total of 275 pips with those other strategies so far.

In total, I made 375 pips in total for the month of December 2015 so far from 1st to 15th.

For those of you who are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course where you will learn the exact strategies that I am using to trade everyday.

To take the risk off all my students, I am offering a 130% refund policy for the course. If you find a single fake winning trade that I have posted, I will refund you 130% of the course fee.

What I am teaching you is exactly what I am using to trade. It is going to be your last Forex course ever.

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I understand that a lot of you have been very cautious when looking for a Forex course as there are a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers trying to make money from those of you who are interested in trading. These people are not real traders and this explains why those strategies that they teach do not work. In fact, I have purchased several low quality courses when I am new to trading and therefore I understand your concern.

You can take a look at my course but do not rush into buying it, have a feel of the way I teach in those articles and videos in this blog before you decide if this course is for you. There is no point in getting a course where you do not like the teaching style. 

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2 Responses to “BTB Performance Report Update From 1st to 15th Dec 2015”
  1. Ethan says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Like Ivan, I have been using your strategy for months and I am glad that I am making consistent profits with them so far.

    Glad to have taken the action to join your course. It is really the last course I ever need in trading.

  2. Ivan says:

    I have been using your BTB for nine months already and I must say that it is one of the best and easier to use strategy I have learned so far.

    No other strategy can match this one and thank you for sharing such a wonderful strategy with us.

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