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Break The Bands Strategy Performance Report 2

December 24, 2012 by  
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In this post, I am going to update you on the performance of my break the bands strategy. The previous update only update you up to 17th December 2012.

Below is the updated report for December 2012

6th December 2012 EURUSD: +50 pips

10th December 2012 EURUSD: +50 pips

11th December 2012 EURUSD: +50 pips

17th December 2012 EURUSD: +50 pips

18th December 2012 EURUSD: +50 pips

21th December 2012 EURUSD: Ongoing

As a whole, this strategy has made 250 pips for the month of December without a single losing trade yet. However I must remind you that this strategy does also produced some losing trades at times but because of the good risk reward ratio, you will find yourself profitable every month.

I will continue to update you on this strategy in my next report.

The updated trading videos for the trade on 18th December 2012 is ready and for those of you who has purchased the Break The Bands Video Course, it comes with lifetime update, therefore you can log in now to view the videos.

For those of you who are interested to find out more about this course, you can click on the link below.

Click Here For The Video Course


6 Responses to “Break The Bands Strategy Performance Report 2”
  1. ep says:

    is break the bands the same as hit the Bollinger bands in your other course?

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi EP

      The Break the Bands Strategy is totally different from the Hit The Bollinger Bands Strategy. However I believe that you already have bought my Hit The Bands Strategy, you should stick to what you have learned as you should already be making money from it already.

      • EP says:

        Hi I can’t access the Hit the bands strategy.
        can you help ?

        • Kelvin says:

          Hi Eik Pin

          The system has combined both your Hit The Bands Strategy together with Forex Mastery Course. So all you need is to log in and then scroll down the page and you will find Hit The Bands Strategy.

  2. rchrd says:

    how may i download an Ebook version to my PC?

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi rchrd

      The Effective guide to forex trading ebook is only available via Amazon Kindle Store. If you live in places where you cant purchase via Amazon Kindle Store, you can considered getting the Break the Bands Strategy Video Course instead.

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