Sunday, September 24, 2017

Break The Bands Strategy Performance Report 10

There are no Break The Bands trade so far since 5th March on the EURUSD. That is why I did not update you guys on this strategy since 8th April 2013.

This strategy has made 50 pips in profit so far for this month on EURUSD and about 275 pips on other 3 currency pairs. If you are trading 1 standard lot per trade, you should be making $3,250 so far.

Please do not rush into a trade for EURUSD for those of you who already know how to trade this strategy after getting my course. Although there are limited trades so far on the EURUSD, there are quite a number of profitable trades on the other currency pairs. For those of you who have moved on to trade other currency pairs, I believe that you must have made quite some money from my Break The Bands Strategy.

I will continue to update you guys on this strategy next week.

For those of you who are interested in this course, you can find out more below.

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