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Break The Bands Strategy Performance For 1st to 31th May 2014

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It is time again to check the performance of my Break The Bands Strategy again. In this post, I shall consolidate the performance of this strategy for the month of May 2014.

In this post, I shall be sharing with you guys an email that I received from one of my students. What can be better to start a week with an email from my student telling me that this is the first month she is making money from forex trading after taking my course.

Therefore I will like to take this opportunity to tell all of you who had my Forex Street University course that this is unlike those courses that you have taken in the past. Please learn and put those techniques and strategies that I have taught you into practice and you will start to see profits in your own trading for the very first time. Trust me, once you master it, it will not be the last time you make profits in trading.

However this course is not a magic pill where you will start making money after watching the training and examples. You must put them into practice on a demo account first until you are able to make consistent profits using the strategies. The main reason why you cant make money from my course is because you did not practice hard enough. As long as you cant execute the strategies properly, there is no way you can make money from trading consistently.


Do note that all my results for this strategy are backed by real chart so that students of my course can go back and check if it is really a profitable trades or not. I do not like to post stuff that are shady as this is not my style.

This is a unique strategy that is formulated by me and so far only my students and me are using it to profit from the forex market.

The good point about this strategy is its risk reward ratio of 1:2 which makes it profitable for any trader. Personally I am making money from this strategy every month for years already. This strategy simply never gives me a losing month before.

Do note that this Break the Bands Strategy is taught in one of the module inside my Forex Street University Course.

For the overall performance for the month of May 2014, please go through the charts below.


  • 5 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 9 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 13 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 14 May 2014: Breakeven
  • 16 May 2014: -25 pips



  • 5 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 7 May 2014: -25 pips


  • 15 May 2014: Breakeven
  • 20 May 2014: +50 pips



  • 21 May 2014: +50 pips



  • 4 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 9 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 14 May 2014: Breakeven
  • 27 May 2014: +50 pips


  • 29 May 2014: +50 pips


As a whole, this strategy produces 10 winning trades, 3 breakeven trades and 2 losing trades for the month. In total, it made me 400 pips profits for the entire month and this is simply the results of just one out of the eight strategies in my Forex Street University Course.

All these techniques and setup are time tested and proven to work for me for years and that is why I am teaching it to you.

For those of you who are my forex street university course students, I will advice you to focus on break the bands strategy first as it is a very reliable and easy to execute strategy. Start making money with it and then move on to practice the other strategies.


For those of you who are currently in any forex courses, I will suggest that you focus on learning it and then put it to practice on a demo account before trading live. Please refrain from getting into my Forex Street University Course as I do not want you to get into the problem of information overload.

I understand that a lot of you have been very cautious when looking for a forex course as there are a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers trying to make money from those of you who are interested in trading. These people are not real traders and this explains why those strategies that they teach do not work. In fact, I have purchased several low quality courses when I am new to trading and therefore I understand your concern. You can take a look at my course but do not rush into buying it, have a feel of the way I teach in those articles and videos in this blog before you decide if this course is for you.

For those of  you who are not in any forex course and are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

If you will like to learn how to trade from me, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

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4 Responses to “Break The Bands Strategy Performance For 1st to 31th May 2014”
  1. jaybe says:

    Hi Mr. Kelvin,

    The problem that I am facing now is my educator is not profesion enough and also all the tips and information given was not really make me earn money…overall trend is loss…
    Any suggestion? Please advise.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Jaybe

      In that case, you should start to learn how to trade yourself without having to wait for tips from others to trade. Never ever rely on anyone for a living.

  2. isaac says:

    Hi Mr. Kelvin.

    Happy to note that you are very successful in the Forex world. Do you still trade for others while they learn?


    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Isaac

      I am sorry to say that this service is fully taken up and there is currently no slot available.

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