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Advice For a Fellow Reader

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In the forex faq today, we have a question from one frustrated reader who have lost money in trading and is looking for a reliable strategy.

Below is the question:

For at least a half year I look for a trading strategy, system or a mix of indicators that made consistent profitable trades. I realize that 100% is not realistic but till now I only lost much money and spent a lot of money on very bad signal software or other trading software. I do not want to buy something anymore.

Perhaps you can give me a good advice!

With kind regards

I bet this is the scenario for most of the readers in this blog at the moment. In fact, I was once in this state of mind when I am new to trading and this is indeed very frustrating.

In the past, I have also purchased numerous lousy courses and that is why I decided to formulate my own strategies to use and all these strategies are what you see in my Forex Street University Course today.

If you do not want to purchase any courses, you can definitely considered formulating your very own strategy like what I did in the past. You can read the post that I have written below

However do always have the habit to try out your strategy on a demo account first. No matter it is your own formulated strategy or strategies that you have learned from other courses, you must test them out on a demo account until you are able to make consecutive months of profits before you move to live trading.

You can try to pick one general strategy that I have shared in this blog below and then try to fine tune it yourself.

However you need to be patient as you can only get it totally fined tune after at least 3 months of trial and error.

This is the best advice I have for you if you do not want to purchase any more courses. Do feel free to email me if you have any further question.
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