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7 Days Family Vacation to China Fuzhou, Anxi, Xiamen and Quan Zhou

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I am just back from a 7 days vacation with my family and as usual, I will like to share with you guys my trips by posting some photos on my blog

The weather in China is great as it is between 15 to 25 degree which makes it a cooling experience as a whole. The trip was filled with good food and nice shopping which my wife really enjoys.

The hotel we stayed were great and clean as a whole.

One of the good experience is the visit to the top 4 vinegar making factory in China. The factory has been around since 1953 and the method they used to make the vinegar is dated back a 1000 years.

I am glad to have bought the 20 years vinegar along with a limited edition 50 years vinegar as vinegar is very good for body.

The picture above is my son smelling the 50 years vinegar

If you are a student of my trade copier service, you will know that I do trades during my trip which is why I love trading as a career. It allows me to trade on the go as long as I have a internet connection and a laptop.

Below are more pictures of the trips

Visit to temple

Picture taken at the peach blossom garden at the hilltop

Nice lake view opposite our hotel

1300 above sea level


4 Responses to “7 Days Family Vacation to China Fuzhou, Anxi, Xiamen and Quan Zhou”
  1. denny says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    wow, starbucks store is awesome.

  2. E.Lisle says:

    Great family fun.Good Job

  3. ibn says:

    what is a beatifull vacation.i love it

  4. ortis says:

    Nice one brother, nice trip,

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