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5 Days Family Vacation to China

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I went for a short trip to China with my family and friends on 26 to 30th September 2016 and the best part about trading is that it allows me to trade even on the move. All I need is to have internet access and a laptop, I will be able to trade anywhere I want.

In fact, I did a trade on the tour bus with my handphone.

Although I spent majority of the day on shopping and sightseeing, I do get a chance to look at my chart in the hotel at night for 30 minutes everyday.

In total, I made $1,300 USD during the trip due to the short time available to trade but it is enough to cover for my shopping expenses during these 5 days.

Just in case some of you guys do not know how to read the chart,

26th Sep: I made $360 ($860 – $500)

27th Sep: I made $360 ($860 – $500)

28th Sep: I lost $500

28th Sep: I made $720 ($1,720 – $1,000)

29th Sep: I made $360 ($860 – $500)


Below are some photos taken during the trip



Can you see a face of a gorilla besides the tree. This mountain that we climbed is the home for the Monkey God that is featured in the Journey To The West TV show.






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  1. Ali says:

    That is absolutely awesome Kelvin and I believe that you all are keeping well, I always ask to myself how often do you trade daily and how many trades do you take in a week.
    May you please receive the expression of my consideration, and I thank you for the interest you will give by reading this note.

    Best regards and Thank you for all.

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