Friday, October 20, 2017

2 Live Forex Trade Copier Trades Taken on 9th Dec 2016

In this video, you will see 2 live trades that I have taken for user of my trade copier service and these 2 trades are taken after the trade that I have posted previously.

After the $8,000 profits trade, I took another trade which ends up as a losing trade. Shortly after that, I took another trade and set a target profit of 60 pips. However I see that the price is being held by a strong support level and therefore I exit it ard 47 pips instead.

However that is already given me a 1:1.5 risk reward ratio for that trade.

If you take a close look at the lot size, you can see that I have entered a smaller lot size for these 2 trades. I am in the midst of writing a blog post to share with you why I do that and I will post it once it is ready.

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