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Trading In The Buff Course Review

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In today forex course review, I will be doing a review for a course that I personally purchase some times back. If you have subscribe to my newsletter, you will know that I have a section where I ask for your recommendation of good courses that you have went through before.

After consolidating the results, I will then purchase those highly recommended courses and then go through it myself. After going through the course, I will then send an emails to my subscribers telling them more about the good course.

I will also write a more thorough review here so that you have a better idea what the course is about.

In today forex course review, I will be sharing with you a course call “Trading In The Buff“. In this course, you will be taught how to trade without any indicators at all and all you rely on is price action.

Screen Shot of the Book I Purchase


I was abit skeptical about this course as well as I myself is trading with indicators. However I bought this course to enhance my own knowledge and at the same time write this review for you guys.

What You Will Learn In This Course

1) The technique to read price action – As you know, most indicators in the market are lagging in nature. The only thing that is leading is price action. If you are able to read the price action correctly, you will be able to know where the market is going to move next. Although I must admit that it is not possible to do that 100% of the time as the market is pretty random.

Personally I have tried the technique taught in this course and find that it works with quite good accuracy. If I continue to practice it, I believe that it can give me even better results. However I am not saying that I am no longer using any indicator to trade. What I am doing is to add this knowledge into my current trading strategies as I believe that it can further improve my winning percentage.

2) The technique to spot a false movement – The price action itself can create some false signal to lure new traders to take position at times. This is where you will be taught how to spot them and avoid taking any trade.

3) Different ways to use this knowledge – You will be taught the various strategies to trade this price action technique.

4) Concise video tutorials to help you better understand this course.

What I Don’t like about this course

The only thing I don’t like about this course is it is conducted using the bar chart instead of the candlestick chart. However it will teach you how to read the open, close, high and low of the bar chart.

I think that you will understand them in about 5 minutes time as it is pretty simple but it is just that I am more used to seeing the candlestick chart.

In fact, you can also apply the price action technique with the candlestick chart as well. Below are a few price action that I have spotted myself with the technique learnt from the course.

Up Move Spotted With The Price Action Technique

Down Move Spotted With The Price Action Technique


One thing I will like to tell you is this price action strategy is not a strategy that wins 100% of the time. In fact if you are looking for a strategy that wins 100% of the time, I will tell you here that it never exist.

There is no way you can trade the forex market without any loss. As long as you are able to win 70% of your trade with good risk reward ratio, you will be profitable month after month.

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If anyone of you have purchased this course, please give your comment below as it will be very useful for other peoples in this blog.

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